Boosting Website Traffic with Social Media

Boosting website traffic with social media

A Guide to Boosting Traffic and Launching Products

Social Media Traffic Generation Strategies

The main job of your social media platforms is to drive traffic to your blog, website, or other online real estate. Boosting website traffic with social media is a traffic-generating tool that you can use to get more eyes on your content and products if you know how to use it right. Using social media to drive traffic to your blog or website will be a lot easier when you realize how it all works together.

Optimize Your Profile

Your profile should include a great picture of you, links to relevant content, an audience centered bio, and other information designed to draw your audience into your world in a way that feels good to them. Each social media platform varies in terms of mood and feel.
It’s important that you create a profile that both fits the platform and your own business in such a way that your audience automatically knows it’s you.

Engage with Your Audience Consistently

Setting up the profile is not enough. You really do need to engage with your audience on a regular and consistent basis. Answer questions, like their posts, share their information, thank them for sharing yours, and more. Anytime you can engage with them in a positive manner, you should do so.

Post Sharable Updates Regularly and Consistently

One way to get your audience interested once you have created the profile is to continually share your content and updates on the platform. If the content originates on your blog or other owned real estate, that is even better than having it start on the social media platform; it will help you get links back to the owned blogs, websites, and landing pages for products.

Make Your Content More Visual

The more visual your content on social media, the more likely it is to be shared. Videos, memes, and text posts with images attached, always work best to grab their attention. One thing to remember, though, is that if you post anything with words in it (even if it’s just a meme), you need to put the words in the text area of the post so that the search engines catch it. And also, just an aside but an important one, so that people with
certain disabilities can also see it.

Be Active When and Where Your Audience Is Active

Another way to get attention is to figure out when your audience is actively using the platform. That is when you want to post your content, go live on video, post your poll, or announce your contest. It may take some testing to figure out when they are there, but once you do, this is going to explode your results, getting links back to your blog or website.

Run Polls, Host Q & As, Contests and Other Buzz-Worthy Activity

This type of activity will get your audience’s attention because it looks different and will catch their eye. It’s important, though, to have a reason for doing any of this. You don’t want activity that has no direction. Know what your call to action is and you will succeed with these traffic-generating methods of polls, Q & As, contests and so forth.

Get to Know Your Competition

This may not seem to have much to do with you getting traffic, but it will give you a lot of good information. See what your competitors are doing, and do more of that and do it slightly better.

Work with Social Influencers

This is a super-fast way to boost your traffic even when you don’t have a lot of followers yourself. Contact several social media influencers to do something with you that gets the attention of your audience.

Social media is one of the very best traffic-generating tools that exist today. If you use social media correctly as the tool that it is, you’ll boost your traffic to your products, services, and website or blog, and improve your numbers exponentially.

Social Media Marketing for Increased Conversions

One way to use social media is to use it to launch a new product or service to your audience. When you remember that social media is just a tool for you to use to get traffic to your products, services, and or offerings, it starts to become super-easy to figure out different ways to make it work.

Social Media Traffic Generation Strategies

Offer a Behind-the-Scenes Sneak Peek

This is a super-fun and useful way to use social media. You can post pictures, videos, and text showcasing your efforts to create the product or service that you’ll be launching. This works because people love seeing your hard work in progress.

The hard work they see you doing boosts the value of your product or service and makes them more aware of the value you’re offering to them.

Create Excitement and Hype about the Product by Teasing

When you post information about the product, you can be very cryptic and tease them about what’s happening behind the scenes. You can express your own excitement as well as any tester’s excitement to get your audience excited too.

Use Social Media to Run Paid Advertisements

One thing social media is excellent at is setting up easy advertisements by using the platforms’ paid ads options. You can boost your post so more see it; you can run a real advertisement with targets outside of your list; and more. Note: If you’re going to run paid ads, it’s important that you do know who your target audience is and what your call to action is before trying it.

Hire or Team Up with Social Media Influencers

This is an effective way to launch your product. Find five to ten social media influencers who speak to your audience and hire them or team up with them in some way to start a series of promotions. Set up the promotion so that each influencer starts their promotion in a series so that you attract more of your audience.

Host and Organize Contests and Giveaways

You can do this alone or with influencers. Hosting, organizing, and running contests and giveaways that are truly targeted toward your audience will also do wonders for getting people excited for your launch.

Allow People to Buy in Advance

Setting up a way for your audience to buy right now – even when the product or service is not ready to sell yet – is a great way to test your concept. Make the price lower; explain that it’s the beta version but that they can get in on it early by buying in advance. This is a great way to get more testimonials for your sales page too.

Post Regular Educational / Informational Videos

Use video on your social platforms such as webinars and other types of video, and giving your viewers information and education that will help them understand their problems better prior to your launch, will also help get them excited to buy. These social media launching ideas are simple to implement and work wonders for pushing traffic to your product or service. The main thing that you want to do is provide information to your audience via your social media platforms on a regular and consistent basis, while getting them excited about the new product or service to come.

Maximizing Your Content Strategy to Build Your Social Media Community

Building your social media community is a great way to create a solid connection with your audience and customers. When you have an active social network, you give yourself access to your ideal customers so that you can keep learning from them and keep providing value to them in the way that resonates with them. Maximizing your content strategy to build your social media community is an important goal to meet.

Social Media Traffic Generation Strategies


In some cases, there is no reason to reinvent the wheel; someone has already written the content for you that you can use to attract and communicate with your audience while building your social media community. You can use prewritten content made for
you in the form of private label rights (PLR) content.

Reuse and Repurpose Existing Content

If you already have content that your audience loves, consider reusing and repurposing it by putting it into a new form or adding to it to expand on it. For example, turn a 3-point blog post into a Facebook Live event, or turn it into a YouTube vlog that you’ll share with your social networks.

Combine New and Existing Content to Make Something Brand New

Take content you already have and combine it to make something totally new. You can even add PLR into content you created yourself to make it more targeted to your audience. For example, if you have an eBook, some blog posts, and emails, you can turn
all of it into a course.

Curate Content from Subject Matter Experts

You can leverage subject matter experts by curating the content they create right on your site and post it on social media to drive traffic to the site. When you curate content, you can turn yourself into a one-stop-shop for all things your niche.

Know the Goals of Your Content

What are you producing, why are you producing it, and what kind of return on investment are you expecting from the content in question? This will help you understand your call to action so that the content you do publish helps build your community.

Create a Content Calendar

The best thing to ensure that you do something is to schedule it, then block out the time to accomplish the task. Develop a content calendar so that you know in advance how it’s all going to work together and when you’re going to publish. Planning it all out is the best way to ensure success.

Mind Your Data

Make sure you understand the key performance indicators that you want to track and measure. Whether you’re building your social media community, trying to get more engagement, or something else, the only way to ensure success is to track your actions.

Learn from Your Competition

Your competitors have a content strategy to build their community too. Can you reverse engineer their strategy so that you can emulate it? Join their groups, lists, and read their
content so that you can learn everything from them. This is a fabulous way to save money, especially if you’re a small individual business and your competitor is a corporation.

Listen to Your Audience

Your audience will tell you what they want and need. If you listen to them and then give it to them, word will get out fast and your community will practically build itself. It’s all about your reputation and the value you provide to your community. Maximizing your content strategy to ensure that you really do build a successful social networking community is one of the least expensive and most effective ways to build a community.

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